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Johns Hopkins University, Center for Communication Programs Breakthrough ACTION

SERVICES Purchase of 2 vehicles
DATE EMITTED October 3 2019
DEADLINE FOR BIDS October 15 2019

The Breakthrough ACTION project in Guinea, a project of Johns Hopkins University, Centre for Communication Programs (CCP), is soliciting bids for one purchase order to supply 02 vehicles, the details of which are set out in Part C. The purchase order will be awarded as part of the Breakthrough ACTION Project, an official U.S. government project funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Procurement is subject to all applicable USAID and US Federal Government regulations on public procurement.
« No employee or agent of Johns Hopkins University is authorized to participate in the selection, award or administration of the procurement in the event of a real or apparent conflict of interest. Such a conflict could arise if employees, agents or any member of their immediate family had a financial or other interest in a procurement decision. Such persons shall not seek or accept gratuities, favours or any benefit of monetary value from recipients, contractors or other parties », in accordance with United States Office of Public Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-110, Procurement Standards No. 42 of the Codes of Conduct.
Johns Hopkins University seeks to make the purchase by promoting free and open competition, and is committed to selecting the supplier who will meet the specified needs at a competitive price, with the lowest total final cost and the best overall quality.
Business management in accordance with these principles will foster and generate productive and successful long-term business relationships between Johns Hopkins University and providers.
Please send your best bid for the services detailed in the RFP in accordance with Part A: Instructions to Bidders, Part B: Terms and Conditions and Part C: Statement of Terms and Conditions of this RFP. Applications that do not comply with all instructions, terms and conditions may be excluded immediately.
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Annex 1 AO no 01 – Vehicles


1- DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT OF TENDERS Tenders must be received no later than 5:00 p.m.[Guinea time] on October 15, 2019, at Late submissions may not be considered.

2- TO Your offer must be submitted by e-mail to

The documents must include the tender number and be sent to the Country Director of the Breakthrough Action Guinea Project.

3- BID VALIDITY Bids must be signed by a responsible person authorized to bind the bidder in accordance with the provisions thereof and must be valid for a minimum period of 90 days.

4- FORM OF THE OFFER The bid must be complete and meet the requirements set out in this call for tenders and the clauses. The offer must indicate the most competitive price of the service provider and include all supplies, equipment, labour, taxes and applicable fees (e.g. bank charges) necessary to execute the statement of terms. The offer must be sent by e-mail to

5- REQUESTS FOR CLARIFICATION Interested companies may send any questions regarding the tender in writing to the Project Country Director at the e-mail address indicated above. All questions must be received by e-mail no later than midnight on the day indicated as the Deadline for Questions. Responses will also be sent by e-mail to all bidders in the call for tenders. Questions can be sent to

6- SELECTION CRITERIA All bids will be reviewed by a selection committee of the Breakthrough ACTION Guinea Project. In order to finalize the selection, it may be necessary to obtain additional details on the offers. If necessary, the scores will be revised on the basis of the responses received during the best and final offers examination procedure.



1- NEGOCIATIONS The bidder is asked to submit his best offer. It is expected that the purchase order will be awarded on the basis of these offers. However, Johns Hopkins University, Center for Communication Programs (CCP) as part of the Breakthrough ACTION Project reserves the right to enter into negotiations before a purchase order is issued.

Annex 1 AO no 01 – Vehicles

2- REJECTION OF OFFERS CCP reserves the right to reject all bids received and/or to cancel all or part of the documents requested in this call for tenders.

3- COSTS INCURRED CCP is not responsible for costs incurred by bidders in the preparation, submission and filing of bids in response to this Invitation to Tender.

4- ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS CCP reserves the right to request additional information from bidders, either in writing or orally. CCP may cancel this invitation to tender without financial compensation or obligation at any time until a purchase order is confirmed. In the event that the latter does not reach an agreement with the beneficiary, CCP reserves the right to award the order to another bidder.

5- GRANTING OF THE ORDER FORM CCP will engage the most responsible and responsive bidder, whose bid is proven to be the most advantageous based on the quality of work and cost.

6- CONFIDENTIALITY/PROPERTY The bidder and its employees shall refrain at any time, either during or after the term of the purchase order, from disclosing, providing or making accessible, directly or indirectly, to any natural person, legal person, company or other entity, any confidential information used by CCP. The bidder agrees that all questions and information relating to the bid shall remain strictly and absolutely confidential. In the event of suspension of service, regardless of the date, manner or reason for termination, the bidder shall immediately deliver and deliver to the PAC all material and data of any kind belonging to the PAC. All manuals or other products related to this activity will remain the property of CCP.

7- TERMS OF PAYMENT Payment is made in one lump sum by wire transaction. It will be requested within 24 hrs after delivery of the vehicles if these meet the quoted requirements. Expect 10 days between payment request and receipt of funds.


Interested bidders should send an expression of interest on their company’s letterhead with full contact details and the document package listed below to: Breakthrough ACTION Guinea Project Administration Department located in Kalenko Building – Ministerial City (Municipality of Dixinn), Conakry, Guinea or by e-mail to

Document package: 1. A detailed quote, in English or French, matching technical specifications for both vehicles; 2. The time frame for delivery of vehicles; 3. Warranty information including information about the periodic or continuous maintenance contract for vehicle and component services 4. Validity of the quotation should be included for least 90 days; 5. The list of garages available for vehicle service, repair, and parts; 6. Country of the vehicle’s manufacture; 7. Vendor’s commercial registration in Guinea;
Annex 1 AO no 01 – Vehicles

  1. Letter proving that the Vendor is a licensed dealer; 9. A brochure for the vehicle listing all specifications if available.
    Technical specifications
    Body SUV Drive train 4WD (full time or part time) or AWD (all wheel drive) Raised air intake snorkel Yes Number of vehicles 2 similar or identical (preferred), new Model year 2018, 2019, or 2020 Engine 6 or 8 cylinder Number of seats 5 + Number of doors 4 plus hatch
    The proposal will be evaluated on the completeness of the document package and the technical specifications.
    Thank you, we look forward to receiving your proposal
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